Thursday, June 16, 2016

Profile: Dan Wirth

“The common connection among Red Crossers,” said Daniel Wirth, a native of Indianapolis, “is the desire to make a difference.”

Dan has traveled around the world making a difference. After moving to Colorado for undergrad and earning his Master's degree in Montana, Dan joined the Peace Corps and worked throughout Africa and Latin America giving back to people in need.

Two years ago he and his wife decided they wanted to be closer to home, so they moved back to Indianapolis where he began working for the Red Cross.

When he first joined the Red Cross, Dan drove a Red Cross response vehicle around communities in Texas to deliver clean up supplies to help flood victims recover and salvage their belongings. He spent time working in disaster responses in Texas and South Carolina. He recently moved to Louisville to become the new Regional Disaster Officer for the Kentucky Region. Dan’s role now includes engaging volunteers, leading the disaster and preparedness response teams, and making sure the team is focused on the bigger goals of each response effort. In the midst of it all, he also encourages everyone to be considerate.

Dan loves his job. He believes in the Red Cross mission, and in making a difference in the lives of the people the Red Cross serves. Getting to know so many people with such varied depths of knowledge and experiences, and the desire to use them to give back, is one of the highlights of his work.

When he isn’t working, Dan plays soccer, practices yoga, and spends time with his wife, daughter, and extended family.

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