Friday, April 8, 2016

Volunteer Profile: Ainsley Jones

Ainsley Jones
Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Ainsley Jones is a lifelong Red Crosser. His father, Larry Jones, served as a Louisville Chapter volunteer for more than 30 years, and quickly involved his son in the organization -- as an infant, Ainsley starred in a public service announcement centered on the chapter’s efforts to help families impacted by local disasters. During the summer, his father would drive him all across Kentucky, and together, they would visit various chapters. “My dad was my soulmate and best friend, his work with the American Red Cross was and still is an inspiration to me, the first item I ever took to school for show and tell was my dad's Disaster Services hard hat,” Ainsley explained.

Ainsley became more involved with the Red Cross and spent his adolescent years volunteering and taking preparedness and safety classes. He even recalls a time when was able to use skills he learned to help to save his dad’s life. “I ventured out of my room to discover my dad choking in our kitchen. I remember distinctly going through all the steps I had learned as a Junior Red Crosser to dislodge the scrambled eggs he was choking on,” said Ainsley.

Larry Jones
Following in his father’s footsteps, Ainsley currently serves a board member for the Louisville Area Chapter. While his role on the board is still evolving, he feels he serves as an ambassador for the American Red Cross every day. When he wears a Red Cross logo, he feels the same sense of pride his father felt when he volunteered for the Red Cross.

While he cites the Red Cross as one of the major influences in his life, Ainsley also holds other interests as well. He is a huge fan of soccer, and the sport is very important to him. “The way I think and approach tasks are rooted in the philosophies soccer has brought into my life,” he said. He considers himself a student of cinema and shares a love for architecture, interior design and landscaping.

“My favorite quote from Martin Luther King Jr. is ‘Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?' I feel like it embodies the mission of the American Red Cross and reiterates that it's your blessing to be able to help people in need regardless of their circumstance.” Ainsley encourages everyone to go out and volunteer with the Red Cross.

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  1. Ainsley, I know your Dad would be so proud of you! He was a great man who raised a great man. Thank you for all you do for the Red Cross. Lori Medley