Thursday, April 14, 2016

Volunteer Profile: Debbie Ranier

Meet Debbie Ranier, a Red Cross volunteer who knows just how far a helping hand can go. Her way of life growing up helped mold her into a very supportive and giving person. Her grandmother volunteered often and helped her understand the importance of being there for others.

In March 2012, Debbie witnessed the aftermath of a horrific tornado that swept through Morgan County. She saw firsthand through her job at Servpro how much the Red Cross is needed in these disasters and how we postively impact communities near and far. From that day forward, she knew the Red Cross was an organization she wanted to be involved with.

Debbie’s most memorable Red Cross moment occurred last spring while she was assisting with a mass distribution in Morehead, Kentucky. “A man pulled up to receive supplies and while I was handing them to him he said ‘I have always given to the Red Cross, but never thought I would ever need the Red Cross,” she said.

Having been with the Red Cross for two and a half years now, Debbie has a bright future with the organization. She currently serves as a board member for the Eastern Kentucky Chapter, and she is a newly appointed Community Volunteer Leader. Her willingness to be a positive factor in the community is ever-growing.

“A typical day for me with the Red Cross is impacting others to find it in their heart to have a passion for giving to this wonderful organization,” said Debbie. “Describing volunteering to be rewarding to me is an understatement.”

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