Thursday, April 21, 2016

Volunteer Profile: Jane Holycross

Jane Holycross is a Red Cross Volunteer with many different titles. Her journey with the organization began in April 2014 after an injury displaced her from her factory job, and she started working at the front desk of the Red Cross office in Sydney, Ohio. She had little knowledge of the Red Cross, however, once she started networking with other staff, she joined and took all the necessary classes to become a Disaster Responder. In September 2014, she moved back to her hometown to have surgery, and upon recovery, she reached out to the Eastern Kentucky Chapter Red Cross to see if they needed any assistance. She was welcomed with open arms by Executive Director Joanna King.

Jane currently has a leading role in The Pillowcase Project, a program that is committed to helping elementary schoolers become better prepared for a disaster or emergency. As part of the program, the students receive a pillowcase to build their own emergency supply kit. “My girls and I grew up having a crafty side, so I enjoy making these projects,” she explained. Her most memorable Red Cross moments come from her experiences with the students. “The joy of watching a child’s face and knowing that they are learning from you on how to be prepared is priceless, the Thank You notes we receive back from them will put a tear in your eye,” she said.

Being with the Red Cross for two years has taught Jane a lot about the importance of volunteering. “Volunteering is a great way to do something for your community, whether it’s a disaster call or doing an event based project, a volunteer can never do too little,” she said.

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