Friday, April 29, 2016

Volunteer Profile: Curtis Armstrong

Since the Red Cross supplies about 40 percent of the nation’s blood supply, volunteers like Curtis Armstrong are crucial to the organization. Curtis has been a Blood Services volunteer for three years and continues to donate his time to the cause. His main inspiration for giving back was seeing his wife volunteer with the Red Cross.  While he helps in whatever capacity he can, his main roles are blood donor recruitment, serving blood donors meals and thanking donors for their generosity. He values volunteering with the Red Cross because it is a great way for him to meet people and experience the many different ways to positively impact others.

Working in Blood Services has given Curtis the chance to work around a lot of different people, all with unique stories. However; one experience sticks out to him the most. “I was at a Blood Drive when a donor came to me and thanked me for my effort in recruiting Donors, I thanked him for giving and he cried on my shoulder and said, no, thank you for helping save my family, because of what you’re doing my family is still with me today and that's why I give,” he said.

To Curtis, there is no reward greater than seeing how his effort has helped the community at large. He believes others should join the effort and volunteer with the Red Cross. “Volunteering with the Red Cross is a great way especially for those not able to work, to be able to give their time and enjoy life,” he said.

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