Monday, April 11, 2016

Volunteer Profile: Lauri and Rob Martin

Louisville Area Chapter Board Chair Bill Lamb (left) recognizing Lauri and Rob Martin for their service at a February 2016 meeting
It only takes one person to make a difference, but in Lauri and Rob Martin’s case, two isn’t bad either. The Martins are a true “super couple” in the Kentucky Region American Red Cross.

After a career of owning and running a local security business, the Martins chose to transition into a fairly early retirement. Not wanting to slow down, they decided it was time to find a new opportunity to engage and invest in something that could truly make a difference.

“We love the jobs where we can be out and be very busy; that is our idea of quality time,” said Lauri.

In 2012, this retirement journey led Rob and Lauri to the door of the Red Cross Disaster Cycle Services program in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. They got started as members of their local Disaster Action Team, a volunteer program which provides assistance to community members who have suffered a home fire. The Martins also assist with other disaster responses by helping lead the Kentucky Region feeding team.

Ultimately, this power couple is willing to jump in wherever help is needed.

“What we learned from working with the Red Cross is, whatever we plan for, we will never be ready. Disaster has no calendar,” said the Martins. Perhaps that’s why they have managed to respond to over 100 fires and served community members across the region with more than 10,000 combined active and on-call hours.

According to the Martins, volunteering with the Red Cross has given them the chance to do something that allows them to stay busy, feel good inside, network, and be a part of something bigger. They encourage others to volunteer and ensure our community is prepared for any type of disaster.

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  1. Thank you, Rob & Lauri! You're are what Red Cross is all about --- neighbors helping neighbors. You are an inspiration to everyone!